Since I began working on this long-term biographical project in 2015, I have had the privilege to run across several wonderful people. This section is dedicated to them.

💝 Marisa Pavan Aumont

For welcoming that shy young stranger in your life back in 2015; for showing immediate interest in my unusual project; for allowing me to conduct endless interviews and conversations both in person and on the phone without you leaving the room or hanging up in despair; for sharing with me all those anecdotes, stories, photos, and other personal documents; for inviting me in your beautiful and cosy Mediterranean villa four days in July 2016 and seven days in June 2018; and for being incredibly appreciative, supportive, trustful, warm, caring, and patient towards me.

🎶 Patrizia Pierangeli

For her appreciation and support, and for the Italian lunch shared together at Viola in Paris on August 20, 2016.
(Patrizia is Marisa’s younger sister.)

♟ Paolo Faillace

For his help and generosity; for sharing with me all that material about the Pierangeli family; for helping me get in touch with Marisa and Patrizia; and for being my very first supporter way before the Facebook page was even created.
(Since 2001, Paolo is the founder and administrator of the most exhaustive website on Pier Angeli, Marisa’s late twin sister. Since 2010, he also administrates the Pier Angeli/Anna Maria Pierangeli Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. Paolo dedicates some time to the preservation of Patrizia Pierangeli’s work as well.)

📰 Laurent Amalric

For his three newspaper articles about my project.

🗞 Alessandro Pirina

For honoring Marisa and mentioning my website in his newspaper article.

🎓 Peter Rist, John Locke, Oksana Dykyj, Maria Corrigan, David Douglas, the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University

For rewarding my project with the Oksana and John Locke Award: The First 100 Years of Cinema.

✒ Rafaella Britto

For inviting me to write a French-English article on Marisa for her Cine Suffragette blog.

🎙 Kat Lively

For inviting me to talk about my project on her Calling Old Hollywood podcast.

🌺 Jane Allen

For her time, support, and advice, and for sending me her personal photos of Marisa.
(Jane is the author of Pier Angeli: A Fragile Life [2002].)

🧸 Ralph Schiller

For his early interest and support in my project; for his numerous reviews of Marisa’s movies; for his precious advice; for his stories that I can’t get enough of; and for his friendship I treasure.
(Ralph is the author of The Complete Films of Broderick Crawford [2016] and Broderick Crawford Starring in Highway Patrol [co-written with Gary Goltz in 2019]. For his first book, he interviewed Marisa who played alongside Crawford in Down Three Dark Streets [Arnold Laven, 1954].)

🎬 Robert Wagner

For his foreword and phone interview for my book conducted on July 15, 2017.
(Robert was Marisa’s first onscreen partner in What Price Glory [John Ford, 1952]. He played alongside her again in the Net Loss episode from the Switch TV series [Reza Badiyi, 23 Sept. 1977].)

😎 Steve Hayes

For his phone interview for my book conducted on June 22, 2017.
(Steve was an extra in two of Marisa’s films: What Price Glory [John Ford, 1952] and Diane [David Miller, 1956].)

📺 Ralph Senensky

For his video interview for my book conducted on November 19, 2020.
(Ralph directed Marisa in the No Naked Ladies in Front of Giovanni’s House! episode from the Naked City TV series [17 Apr. 1963])

🐎 Audrey Dalton

For her phone interview for my book conducted on August 26, 2017.
(Audrey played with Marisa in Drum Beat [Delmer Daves, 1954].)

🎨 Patrick Aumont

For his phone interview for my book conducted on February 17, 2018.
(Patrick is Marisa’s second son with Jean-Pierre Aumont.)

⌨ Jeannie M. Sloan, Calicia Landry

For their help in establishing the connection with Robert Wagner.

🤝 Larry Floyd, Gene Blottner

For their help in establishing the connection with Audrey Dalton.

🗃 Elisabetta Mauri

For the information given about the history of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles.

📷 Elena Boux, the National Museum of Cinema in Turin, the Internet Culturale website

For sending me a gorgeous, digitized collection of portraits of Marisa taken by the grand Angelo Frontoni.

🖼 Silvia, Nicola Grottoli, the Fossombrone tourism office

For sending me various rare pictures of Marisa.

✈ Vincent Soumoy, Virginie Soumoy-Cambon

For their help with the administrative and technical aspects of the book and website, and with the planning of the trips to meet Marisa and Patrizia.

🖱 Debora Sanfilippo

For her very early interest and support in my project, and for sending me many documents and pictures of Marisa, some of them being beautifully retouched to enhance their visual quality.
(Debora has been honoring the Pierangeli sisters in various Facebook groups for a long time. Since 2010, she is also the co-administrator of Paolo Faillace’s Facebook page.)

📜 Èlia Novella Dalmau

For her interest in my project and for sending me many rare clippings and pictures of Marisa.
(Èlia is the founder and administrator of a Tumblr blog and Facebook page on Marisa’s stepdaughter Tina Aumont, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Aumont and María Montez.)

💻 Adrien Aumont

For his video chat on September 15, 2015 to talk about Marisa.
(Adrien is Marisa’s grandson from her first son Jean-Claude Aumont.)

🎤 Giuliano Fournier

For his phone call on March 5, 2016 to talk about Marisa.
(Giuliano is a renowned journalist who has interviewed numerous artists, including Marisa.)

🎭 Christian Pezey

For his interest and support in my project, and for his numerous anecdotes and conversations about the Pierangeli sisters and old Hollywood.
(Pezey was an extra in Anna’s first film Tomorrow Is Too Late [Léonide Moguy, 1950] and later acted in a couple of films in France. He was also a close friend and confidant to Anna in the early 1960s.)

🧛‍♂ Philippe Spurrell

For his interest and support in my project, and for offering me pictures of Marisa.
(Phil is the founder and director of the Cinéclub Film Society in Montreal.)

👩‍🎓 Virginie Pronovost, Narges Haghighat

For their support in my project.
(Virginie and Narges were my fellow classmates at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema.)

🖋 Jean Azarel

For his support in my project and for seeking my help to review a few details of Marisa’s life for his book.
(Jean is the author of Waiting for Tina: à la recherche de Tina Aumont [2019].)

⭐ Rachel Pacelli

For her interest and support in my project.
(Rachel wrote a 45-minute solo theater play on Anna’s life entitled Annarella that was directed by Emily Cohen and in which she performed as Anna on June 16, 18 and 19, 2022 in New York City as part of the Summerfest New York Theater Festival.)

🌈 Angelo Riviera, Dominique Renaud

For their friendly support in my project.

🧜‍♀ Mia Khazei

For her interest and support in my project, and for her friendship I treasure.